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If you want to get into the sport of armwrestling, this is where you start!

Promoter Bill Collins has been helping keep armwrestling alive in the west. Pullerville wouldn't be around if it wasnt for him.

Robert Drenk and Bill Collins have one of the most exciting leagues in the sport with the biggest names in North America.

Brought to us by Neil Pickup. Broadcast overseas and online. Super match format Armwrestling with the biggest names in the World!

This site has it all! Arm Bets TV airing championships or training video constantly. The ArmFight series is here with amazing super matches.

All major news for the sport is posted here. Also, World rankings maintained by Engin Terzi.

We can not stop checking this site! All Armwrestling stories that we love to hear about show up here. And! they showcase amazing AW History articles written by Eric Roussin.

Based in Canada, this site has great interviews. In the hook with Devon Larratt is a goldmine of AW knowledge.

Great access to news from over seas... but not limited to that. If its being talked about, Xsport is talking about it.


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